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Here Are 51 New York Gallery Shows That You Need to (Somehow) See This September
Review: In ‘The Architectural Impulse,’ Art Aspires, The New York Times, by Holland Cotter, Aug. 2015
A Cohort of Artists Show How Architecture Informs the Everyday, Artsy, by Alexandra Alexa, Aug. 7, 2015
Museum Dioramas Are as Endangered as the Animals They Contain, Newsweek, by Max Kutner, Aug. 2, 2015
In the Studio with Alois Kronschlaeger and His Modernist Matrices, Artsy, by K. Sundberg, April 30, 2015
Las formas de las ilusiones, El Comercio, Santiago Bullard, April 27, 2015
Alois Kronschlaeger y el arte como experiencia en movimiento, El Comercio, Ana Monzón, April 24, 2015
Alois Kronschlaeger’s “Polychromatic Structures” at Cristin Tierney Gallery, New York, HG Issue, by Apostolos Mitsios, April 16, 2015
Clear and Present Structures by Alois Kronschlaeger, Artfuse, Oscar A. Laluyan, April 13, 2015
Why Do US and European Galleries Flock to Mexico City’s Zona MACO? Hyperallergic, Matt Stromberg, Febr. 7, 2015
Khemsurov, Monica "What we saw at Art Basel and Design Miami 2014" Sightunseen, Dec. 9, 2014
Ax, Anastasia "The New Kid on the Block at Art Basel Miami Beach" BlackBook, Dec. 2014
Voynovskaya, Nastia "Miami Art Week 2014: UNTITLED Art Fair Recap" HiFructose, Dec. 3, 2014
Levere, L. Jane "A Dialogue Between Hemispheres." (18 July 2014).
Panero, James "The Miami Fairs." (3 Jan. 2014).

Piseno, Tabitha. "Art - Omar Lopez-Chahoud." (18 Dec. 2013).
Mattera, Joanne. "Fair Well: Miami 101." (15 Dec. 2013).
"AO On-Site: Untitled Miami, December 4th-8th, 2013." (9 Dec. 2013).
Kimball, Whitney. "In Miami, UNTITLED's a Quiet Contender." (7 Dec. 2013).
"Art Untitled Opens in Miami Beach." (5 Dec. 2013).
Ochi, Pauli. “Alois Kronschlaeger's Architectural Interventions." Beautiful/Decay (20 Sep. 2013)
Tan, Dion. “Video: A World of Grids with Alois Kronschlaeger.” (3 Sep. 2013)
Notes: Weekend roundup, Tyler Green 10/09/2012
SVA Close Up: SVA Alumni Win Top Awards at ArtPrize 2012 10/09/2012
TheRapidian: Site:Lab and its Detroit artists win big, Alexandra Fluegel 10/06/2012
TheRapidian: Displacement the juried grand prize, Laurel Green 10/06/2012
Mlive: talk about winning juried awards, Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk 10/06/2012
Huffington Post: Artprize 2012 Winners 10/06/2012
WoodTV8: ArtPrize 2012 winner: 'Elephants' 10/05/2012
Detroit Free Press: Mark Stryker's ArtPrize top 10, Mark Stryker 10/03/2012
WoodTV8: ArtPrize rejuvenates old Public Museum, Amanda Jarrett 10/02/2012
Hyperallergic: Slimming Down the Short Lists, Jillian Steinhauer 09/28/2012
Art-Hack: A look at the 3D Juror’s picks, Tori Pelz 09/28/2012
TheGrandRapidsPress: Joseph Becherer's 10 favorite 'thinking' pieces 09/28/2012
The Rapidian: Space: SiteLab makes it new, Alexandra Fluegel 09/25/2012
ABC WZZM13: Juried short list & Top 25 announced, Phil Dawson 09/25/2012
Fabrikateblog: My after work trip to SiTE:LAB, Kate 09/25/2012
WWWT Newschannel 3: Art Prize to release 'must-see' shortlist, 09/24/2012
TheGrandRapidsPress: Site:Lab offers most unique, Joseph Becherer, 09/24/2012

San Francisco Chronicle: Nation in Focus, Slideshow, 09/24/2012
Rapid Growth: So, you think you can curate ArtPrize, Jeff Hill 09/22/20012
The Rapidian: Redefining Habitats, by Laurel Green 09/21/2012
Mlive: Site:Lab artists make ArtPrize statements, Chris Clark 09/19/2012
WoodTV8: GQ article skeptical of ArtPrize, DeVos 09/17/2012
GQ Magazine: So You Think You Can Paint, Matthew Power, page 206-214, September 2012
Papercut Magazine, A Day in the Life of a “Gallery Girl”, Maria Kucinski 07/25/12
Clip from Art is the Prize: A Good Omen 10/03/2011
TheGrandRapidsPress: Profile of Alois Kronschlaeger, Michelle Thomas 10/03/2011 Curating my artprize experience: Alois and his Spire 10/01/2011
ABC WZZAM13 Catherine talks with two of the Artist, Catherine Behrendt 09/28/2011
Maria Kucinski's Musings: Spire by Alois Kronschlaeger, 09/24/2011
ABC WZZM13 Vacant building opens to host ArtPrize, Phil Dawson 09/23/2011
Mlive: How important is marketing to winning, Laura Michels 09/22/2011
Clip from Art is the Prize: Time-Lapse 09/19/2011
Clip from Art is the Prize: Alois Kronschlaeger in New York 09/04/2011
Visual Arts Briefs: Artist Alois Kronschlaeger Discusses SPIRE with Anita Glesta 07/26/2011
Bayer in Brooklyn: Untitled (pouring paint on Allotropisms) 06/03/2011
Bayer in Brooklyn: Alois Kronschlaeger - Allotropisms 02/01/2011
10 Magazine, Issue 37, Editorial, "Feathered Friend" pp. 68 - 78, Winter/Spring 2011
Maria Kucinski's Musings: My week with Alois Kronschlaeger 01/14/2011
Maria Kucinski's Musings: Wood, light, mesh, and paint 01/10/2011
Flavorwire: Dancing About Architecture, Kelsey Keith 01/28/10
Grafitat: Escultura en Hendershot, Christina Rodriguez 01/05/10
Oyster-Sauce: Architecturally@Hendershot Gallery, Christina Rodriguez 12/17/09

Scallywag & Vagabond: Kid Sister, Hendershot Gallery at Delano Hotel, Dara King 12/05/09
Startraksphoto: Art Basel Miami Beach 2009 12/04/09
Slash Magazine: Divisive Events, Christopher Reiger, Matthias Neumann Vol1 Issue09
Architecturally.../Works on Architecture and Space, Artcat 11/19/09
Hungry Hyaena: Slash -- Alois Kronschlaeger, Christopher Reiger 05/16/08
Detroit Arts: more ny galleries.. 03/05/06
Art Fag City: The next two weeks in Art 03/03/06
Alois Kronschlaeger@Plus Ultra (now in Chelsea), Edward Winkleman 03/01/06
Artinfo: Miami: Ones I liked, Part Two, Tyler Green 12/12/05
Short and Sweet: Miami Day 4(5), Edward Winkleman 12/03/05

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